Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

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A single member LLC operating agreement is considered one of the most important documents to prove the limited liability of a single owner. When there is a single member in a limited liability company, it becomes crucial to keep valid proof of your limited liability.

It means that you are liable up to your fair share in the company. However, creating this agreement can be a challenging task for beginners. In such cases, using a template is the best option for the company owners.

What Is a Single Member LLC Operating Agreement?

A single member LLC operating agreement is a document stating the only owner of a company has limited liability towards the business entity. Although it is not a legal requirement to submit this form anywhere, business partners can mention all the terms of how the business will manage its operations.

Additionally, it can convey the liability of each member (in this case, the only member) towards the organization and its debts. Therefore, almost every business owner creates this agreement to stay protected from legal problems.

According to the legal definition, a single member LLC operating agreement separates the business entity from the personal assets of a person. Thus, it must list all the major roles in running that business along with their liabilities.

What to Do with The Single Member LLC Operating Agreement?

The operating agreement for single member LLC must be kept by the sole owner of a company. It is not required in the formation of a limited liability company. However, it is useful in proving the separate status of a company from its owner- Separate Entity.

The most important part that this operating agreement single member LLC play in running your business is keeping the tax slab minimum. It means that all tax slabs of the business will be passed on to the assets of the sole owner of that company. That is why it is recommended for all single-member LLCs and small businesses to prepare an operating agreement.

How to Fill Single Member LLC Operating Agreement?

The best thing about a single member LLC operating agreement is that you do not need to worry about the consent of any other party to create your operating agreement. All you need is to register a one-person company under limited liability.

After that, you can get it verified through an agent or government party. Once you get your LLC registered, you can use any of the below templates to create your operating agreement.

It has separate columns to mention your business name, operating terms, business operations, owner’s name, and liability of each member.

After filling in the details, you can download and keep a copy of this document to separate your assets from the liability of that company.


Finding the single member operation agreement LLC is not a challenging task. You can find all the templates on this page. Also, it has an eSign feature that will let you get the signature of all the members of your registered company.

For agreements related to specific states, check out our other pages or choose the state from the above list.


Should I Create an Operating Agreement for Single Member LLC?

The companies law does not ask for an operating agreement for a single member limited liability company. However, it helps in creating a separate entity that gives the company a separate status from its owner. Otherwise, all the liability of that company would fall on the sole owner of that company.

How to Sign the Final Draft of the Operating Agreement?

Signing an operating agreement requires you to use an online eSign service. On this page, you can find the templates and singing services on the same platform. Thus, check out the eSign tool of this website after filling in the details on your document.

Can I Edit the Terms in these Templates

The whole agreement is customizable and you can easily change the operational terms and owner’s information conveniently. Also, you can check the samples of these templates to start editing your operational terms easily.

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